Tuesday, 29 April 2014

A fun few days.

Oh wow , it's been super fun here over the last few days !! 

Sunday we had a great Stampin up class.  I am a believer of only having a certain number of attendees. I like to be available to assist everyone, at anytime they need me.  Anyway some of our regular ladies had work commitments. So we had a few spaces. Of course they were filled without a problem.. The great class has now extended by 1, as Lisa had a fantastic time and wants go come back to the next one.. Of course I said yes :0). 
We missed our ladies that couldn't make it.. Mandy and Abi . But we are hoping that they are able to come to the next one. May 25th. 

Monday was one of those days that happens once in a blue moon.. You know the days where you can look back and say ' that was a lovely day ' .. Nothing strange happened. It was just an all round happy day.. One customer made our hearts sing.. He told us how he had been married to his first wife from being young. She had become ill with dementure and sadly passed away in 2002. After this time he met another lady. He married again. He told us he had never been as happy as he was now :0) such a heart warming tale. You could tell that he did really loved his second wife with all his heart.  You could tell from his little stories that he was abit of a lad, in his younger days.. What a nice gentleman he was. He bought his wife some craft items as a gift.. Dies that he knew she didn't have and a couple of embossing folders... Awwwww made me smile. What a love he was.
We had spent the morning creating cards to put in our baskets.. I made a huge selection of cards and priced them at 50p - £1.25 :0)  there was new home cards. Baby cards , Wedding cards, birthday cards, just because cards and thank you cards.. So that was great fun ! 

Today has been another lovely day !! Now it's not often you get one of these days let alone 2 on the trot !!!  We have had lots of giggles, created lots more cards and wedding invitations, drunk bucket loads of tea, had visits of crafting and none crafting friends.  All this whilst serving customers too !! We have met a fair few new people today all of whom have been really nice. Hopefully they liked us too, so will be back, to visit us again . I know Michelle will as I have a big list of things to find for her :0)
So all in all another fun day. Awww not forgetting my lovely mum came in too :0). 
Right off to do another order :0).  New stock is coming in thick and fast at the minute... 

Come on Wednesday ... You have a lot to live up too :0) 

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